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Yogibead’s mission, vision and values are what makes us different. It drives to be an example for others brands and serves to remind us that it's about growing together as a community.

Thats why we donate to The American Himalayan Foundation to honor where the traditions originally came from.  So go on grab some good Karma with our hand made Malas.

Mission:  To honor where the traditions came from and to spread the word of Yoga, meditation and their benefits through education and high quality goods , check them out!

Vision: As cliche as it might sound, we want to help make the world a better place by spreading those values that inspire us to be better human beings.


  • Authenticity - Only the finest handmade malas for our community of Yogis.
  • Integrity:  To act with honesty, respect and trust in everything that we do.
  • Connection- Cultivating positive relationships with our community, and                        ourselves by donating a percent of our net profits to the American Himalayan          Foundation.
  • Enlightenment- Providing education and support for personal growth


Yogibead has pledged to Donate 10% of our Net Profits to the AHF.

"The American Himalayan Foundation (AHF) is dedicated to helping the people and ecology of the Himalaya.  In these remote regions people often live without basic health care and education. Economic pressures have forced environmental degradation and traditional ways of life are in danger of disappearing. The American Himalayan Foundation was founded 25 years ago to respond to some of these pressing problems. Our work includes building schools, planting trees, training doctors, funding hospitals, taking care of children and elderly, and restoring sacred sites throughout the Himalayas. AHF supports projects that are on a human scale and that directly benefit people. We deeply respect our partners in the Himalayas and our work responds to their priorities and concerns." - AHF's Mission.

The AHF was awarded the highest ratings of 100% for Accountability and transparency by Charitynavigator.org

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